Wie die Blümlein draußen zittern (2012)
Multimedia-performance based on the text "Herakles 2 oder die Hydra" by Heiner Müller
cooperation project between KJDT, das labor, Christoph Fügenschuh, Alexander Roshe and ludwig technique

Herzstück (2011)
60 short performances based on the text "Herzstück" by Heiner Müller.
cooperation project between KJDT and "das labor" in the public space (Sparkassenpassage created by Peter Sandbichler)



In the 20th century there were ideological and warlike conflicts between West and East Europe resulting in the death of millions of people.

KJDT forced the cooperation between Central and East European artists as an interdisciplinary and intercultural dialogue in a one and a half years process.

In 2008 the group worked on the subject in "The age of counter-revolution", starting with the "Wolokolamsker Chaussee I-V", which was written between 1984 and 1987 by Heiner Müller.

Wolokolamsk is situated about 120 kilometres in the North-West of Moscow. At this place the German Fascist army was stopped by the Soviet Army in 1941. After research in the Heiner Müller Archive / Transitroom Berlin theatrical interventions with artists from Eastern Europe followed in 2010 in Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and Austria. The group followed the traces of the Second World War. The final performance in Eastern Europe took place in project_fabrika in Moscow. In 2011 KJDT invited artists from Eastern Europe for several performances. One took place in the canon halls of the War History Museum in Vienna - HGM. 

articles: molekultur 2011, Simon Welebil, der Standard 2011, Mascha Dabic

JDT HM3, KJDT (2006 / 2007)
The group KJDT worked at the empty „Stadt des Kindes“ in Vienna with all antique related texts by Heiner Müller as partial realization of a project involving all texts by the author, which was originally planned for 1996 by Josef Szeiler and Heiner Müller but was not realized then following the death of the Author.

photocredits: KJDT (1,2,3,5), Lisbeth Kovacic (4)