MS Valentina, 2019, documentary (80 minutes)

A film about the day to day life on board the Romanian cargo ship MS Valentina. The river Danube as an „European Road“ is full of opposites and differences: beautiful and destructed nature as well as Europe’s economic and political diremption.

Beldocs International Documentary Film Festival (SRB 2019), 28th International Filmfestival Innsbruck – competition (AUT 2019)

RISSE, 2019, documentary (74 Minutes)

Bolzano Film Film Festival (ITA 2019)
Internationals Film Festival Innsbruck (AUT 2019)


In 1939 Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini agree on the so-called "return migration" of the German- and Ladin-speaking population of South Tyrol. These ethnic groups have the possibility between emigration to National Socialist Germany or oppression by fascist Italy. More than 75,000 people emigrate to the German Reich. From 1940, 22 South Tyrolean settlements are built in today's Tyrol. About 60 percent of the apartments in the South Tyrolean settlements are given to South Tyrolean resettlers.

RISSE shows the stories of the different groups, the ones who left, the ones who remained and also the ones who returned. In addition to the different fates of the optants, the focus is on the sometimes fiercely discussed developments of the South Tyrolean settlements, which have been demolished, renovated or preserved.

The cracks run across families, couples and villages. The violations of this time are still present.