October 2023, Graz Museum, in progress
video together with Mischa Zog; for an exhibition about local, national and international forms of protest since 1945
curated by: Bernhard Bachinger, Vanessa Bednarek (Projektleitung); Graz Museum/ Sibylle Dienesch

"EXAKT. Anton Paar vermisst die Welt", 2022, Graz
Several videos for the exhibition at the Graz Museum
curated by Beat Gugger, Bernhard Bachinger, Project management: Catalin Betz

BrauKunstHaus, 2019, Tyrol
several Multi-Channel-Videos 

together with: Günther Zechberger, Holzer Kobler Architekturen, Georg Lendorff

Medea.Spiel, 2019 Kosovo
Experimental video (6,42 minutes)
for the performance "Unter dem Pflug der Zeit II"
curated by Andreas Pronegg, Katarina Csanyiova, Rajmonda Ahmetaj, Alban Beqiraj

Guten Morgen, Stadt!, 2014, Vienna
with: Hertha Hurnaus, Stefan Olah, Wolfgang Thaler
sound/ music: Zeynep Sarikartal
curated by: Christoph Lammerhuber - pool Architektur ZT GmbH, Manfred Schenekl

WÖRGL paradox, 2013, Tyrol
Exhibition at the "Galerie am Polylog" together with Günter R. Wett
Wörgl, with its convenient location, is one of the fastest growing communities in Tyrol and an important economic centre of the Tyrolean lowlands. In Wörgl, historic farms are surrounded by shopping centres and skyscrapers, which at times lead to a grotesque cityscape. In "WÖRGLparadox", the different architectures were juxtaposed and opposed using the media of photography and video to illuminate a part of the city's history.

HERNALSER Transfer, 2012, Vienna
2-channel-video in the Kubus EXPORT/ "Transparenter Raum" by VALIE EXPORT
The transparent room "Kubus EXPORT" built by Valie EXPORT is 10 m away from the building site where the high-rise "hernalser" was built. Videos of the construction site of the "hernalser" were shown in the Kubus EXPORT in October/ November 2012. The glass cube became the symbolic soul of the opposite building through the recordings of the workers.

crane OPERator, 2012, Vienna

The excavation pit of the high-rise building "hernalser" became a stage and an opera house. Probably the highest stage area in the world did not only include the excavation pit but reached the limit of the crane boom: Magdalena Renwart - the singing Isolde - descended from the air and sang live the final theme from Richard Wagner's "Tristan und Isolde".

At the same time, film shooting took place at the foot of the excavation pit. A scene based on a film sequence from the movie "Weekend" by Jean-Luc Godard was transferred to the construction site situation. The workers did not interrupt their work and thus became part of the staging.

Wiener Werkbundsiedlung, 2012, Vienna
Audio-app for the public space
Audio App for the Highlights Tour through the Werkbundsiedlung in Vienna, which was opened as an international building exhibition in the summer of 1932. Under the direction of the architect Josef Frank, 70 houses were planned which were intended as models for the construction of large housing estates. In the Werkbundsiedlung, models for the small settlement house with garden were presented on a larger scale for the first time. A maximum of living comfort should  be developed on a minimal built-up area.
exhibition: Wien Museum
curated by: Andreas Nierhaus, Eva-Maria Orosz

Wie die Blümlein draußen zittern, 2012, Tyrol
Multimedia-performance based on the text "Herakles 2 oder die Hydra" by Heiner Müller
cooperation project between KJDT, das labor, Christoph Fügenschuh, Alexander Roshe and ludwig technique

L´Ítalia alla finestra, 2011, Venezia
Video for the Italian Pavillon of the Biennale di Venezia , (5 Minutes)

Seestadt Aspern, 2011, Vienna
Experimental, 6 Minutes
Exhibition of the Wiener Wohnbauforschung MA50 in the Az W (Architekturzentrum Wien/ Vienna)
video "Sehnsuchtsort Aspern"
exhibition: Architekturzentrum Wien
curated by: Wiener Wohnbauforschung MA50

Herzstück, 2011, Tyrol
60 short performances based on the text "Herzstück" by Heiner Müller.
cooperation project between KJDT and "das labor" in the public space (Sparkassenpassage created by Peter Sandbichler)

WOLOKOLAMSKER CHAUSEE X / XI, KJDT 2010 / 2011 Austria, Slowakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia
Performance, Landart, Exhibition

In the 20th century there were ideological and warlike conflicts between West and East Europe resulting in the death of millions of people.

KJDT forced the cooperation between Central and East European artists as an interdisciplinary and intercultural dialogue in a one and a half years process.

In 2008 the group worked on the subject in "The age of counter-revolution", starting with the "Wolokolamsker Chaussee I-V", which was written between 1984 and 1987 by Heiner Müller.

Wolokolamsk is situated about 120 kilometres in the North-West of Moscow. At this place the German Fascist army was stopped by the Soviet Army in 1941. After research in the Heiner Müller Archive / Transitroom Berlin theatrical interventions with artists from Eastern Europe followed in 2010 in Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and Austria. The group followed the traces of the Second World War. The final performance in Eastern Europe took place in project_fabrika in Moscow. In 2011 KJDT invited artists from Eastern Europe for several performances. One took place in the canon halls of the War History Museum in Vienna - HGM. Articles: molekultur 2011, Simon Welebil, der Standard 2011, Mascha Dabic JDT HM3, 2006 / 2007, KJDT The group KJDT worked at the empty "Stadt des Kindes" in Vienna with all antique related texts by Heiner Müller as partial realization of a project involving all texts by the author, which was originally planned for 1996 by Josef Szeiler and Heiner Müller but was not realized then following the death of the Author.

article: der Standard 2011, Mascha Dabic

Operation Jason 1, 2009, Tyrol
Multimedia art in public space, Innsbruck

Since the beginning of the 90's, Europe has been increasingly restrictive against refugees and migrants.

Based on the tragedies of refugees in the Mediterranean, the project dealt with the demarcations within and at the borders of Europe.

In October 2009, the 23-metre long walkable boat construction "Jason 1" docked at Karl-Rahner-Platz Innsbruck. Every eight hours, a sound installation reproduced stories by refugees and various positions on  the EU border policy via eight loudspeaker boxes. A camera recorded the place and thus the boat and transmitted the recordings and the sound installation live to the Internet.

with: columbosnext, Radio Freirad, fluchtpunkt, Philipp Huber, Orient Okzident Express, Andreas Pronegg, Günther Zechberger

CHRISTA, 2007, Tyrol
Photography, Landart, Performance

Photographic land surveying and performance in public space with female teenagers in five Tyrolean towns.

exhibitions: aut. architektur und tirol, Schloss Landeck, Museum im grünen Haus Reutte, Komma Wörgl

JDT HM3, KJDT 2006 / 2007, Vienna
Performance, Theatre
The group KJDT worked at the empty „Stadt des Kindes“ in Vienna with all antique related texts by Heiner Müller as partial realization of a project involving all texts by the author, which was originally planned for 1996 by Josef Szeiler and Heiner Müller but was not realized then following the death of the Author.