Director: Melanie Hollaus
72 minutes, 4K 16 : 9, 5.1 Surround, 2021

Loud bomb sirens howl throughout the Austrian city of Innsbruck. Seconds later, the lives of four people will dramatically change forever.

In the near future, the European Union has fallen apart and countries all over the continent are plagued by economic conflicts and civil wars. Solidarity and harmony seem like words from a distant past. Everyone is at each other’s throats, self-interest reigns over everything. 

As the bombs hit Innsbruck, three people from different walks of life find themselves trapped in the basement of a large building. All exits have been blocked by the explosion. They try to escape but all of their strategies are fruitless. As time passes, hunger, thirst and exhaustion starts to set in and frustration mounts. Their wildly different personalities collide and soon this becomes not only a fight for survival but a fight against each other. 

What they don’t know: A homeless woman lives in this basement complex. And she knows a secret way out. Holding power over the fate of three hostile strangers, she is now faced with the choice of rescuing them from certain death, or playing a power-hungry game of her own in which there can be no winner. 

Katarína Csányiová
Carmen Gratl
Lisa Hörtnagl
Mario Karl Rauth

Cast - support roles:

Armin Abolis, Klaus-Peter Bülz, Gabi Geist, Eva Maria Gintsberg, Caroline Heyes, Isabella Hochkogler, Magdalena Lindner, Manuel Lindner, Tine Lindner, Peppi Lindner, Juliana Raich, Philipp Rudig, Johannes Rudnicki, Heinz Plangger, Sarah Plattner, Manfred Smisek, Julia Stiegler, Aloisia Waschnig, Andrea Weiskopf-Mungenast, Harald Ziller and Hund Kaja 

Script writers: Christoph Lammerhuber, Melanie Hollaus

Cinematographer: Christoph Lammerhuber

Sound: Sergey Martynyuk
Music improvisation, violin: Sophia Goidinger-Koch

Editing: Melanie Hollaus

Sounddesign, Mastering: Sergey Martynyuk

Mastering: Manuel Grandpierre, Sergey Martynyuk
Make-up artists: Nadina Müllner (Vienna), Aline Egg (Innsbruck) 

Setdesign: Christoph Lammerhuber, Max Novak 

Costumes: Melanie Hollaus, Nadina Müllner 

Assistance, Translation: Oliver Steininger
Set-Photographer: Günter R. Wett. 
Poster: Michael Herzog

supported by:: Land Tirol, Stadt Innsbruck - Kultur, kulturimpulstirol, Das Lokal im Hof